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5 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Maybe our opinion is biased, considering our goal at the Frankenmuth Farmers Market is to bring fresh, local produce to the Frankenmuth community, but we think living clean and green is pretty cool. Not only does this lifestyle have an abundance of health benefits, but it is also great for the environment and creates a long term, sustainable community for us and future generations.

Choosing to go green can be overwhelming, but here are five easy ways to start implementing green practices into your life:

1. Buy half of your groceries locally

If your goal is to buy all of your groceries local, you’ll likely be overwhelmed. Setting a goal for 50% (grown within 30 miles) is likely to be obtainable, especially if you shop at our Market on the weekends in the summer months. Food that travels shorter distances, in hand, means less waste. Shopping at local farmers markets also means less pesticides and additives to your produce.

2. Say no to single use plastic

Did you know worldwide we produce approximately 300 million tons of plastic a year? What’s even more shocking is that 90% of that ends up in landfills and will continue to sit there. Buying in bulk or filling your own containers may not be an easy change (though we love Spiced Designs' labels if you’re ready for this route). But switching to reusable shopping bags is and bonus, you can look cute with printed ones while doing it!

3. Compost...or at least biodegradable

Composting can be, well... gross. We get it. It isn’t for everyone, especially if you live in an apartment, though you can find some great ways to do so here. But buying products in biodegradable packaging will help cut down on the plastic waste listed above.

4. Have food delivered to your door (or pick up a food box *wink wink*)

Using a grocery delivery service usually means that you buy less of what you don’t need. Because you’re ordering ahead of time, you’ll think about your purchases more and plan out your week. If you want to really plan ahead, food box services are great because you know you’ll be cooking and using every item in the box, and don’t need to create a shopping list.

Did you know that we have a different food box offered every week? Shop it here and follow us on Facebook so you don’t ever miss out on them!

5. Join a CSA

Joining a CSA is an agreement between you and a local farm where you pay in full or in installments at the beginning of each season to buy all your produce during that time. You’ll usually receive a weekly or bi-weekly box. It’s another way to plan in advance (while also supporting local) and will mean organic. Find some local Frankenmuth area CSA programs here!


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