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Sparkling Lights


Feeding the Five Senses

Experience a kaleidoscope of flavor and fun on Friday nights this Summer with the debut of our "Market After Dark."


Come touch, taste, see, smell, and hear all that our local creative talents can do to enrich your life through the production and performance of unique art.


Each Friday Night Art Experience, hosted during the all-new FFM "Market After Dark," is being specially designed to incorporate activities that will engage your senses. Get a feel for the creation of arts through interactive activities like still-life painting, pottery, or tile making.  Watch masters of their craft like carvers, sculptors, glass blowers, forgers, and potters all turn out beautiful works of art before your eyes during our advance art demonstrations. As you take in the live music, enjoy great tastes and smells being whipped up by our culinary artists. Lastly, kick back and take it all in with a crafted cocktail or Michigan-made beverage.


Market After Dark is taking a break for 2023, but make sure to check out our weekly outdoor markets!


Interactive & Engaging Experiences

Among the collection of vendors and artisans on site, guests to our Market After Dark events can take part in walk-up creative opportunities such as high flow paint pouring, medulla design and painting, and sand sculpting, to name a few.


Eclectic food and craft drinks will be available for sale by the Frankenmuth Farmers Market, featuring local food selections and in-season produced prepared fresh for on-premise dining and takeout. The night is rounded out with live music from local musicians, adding their own flavor to your favorite tunes or even incorporating their own original songs. 

Subsequent markets will feature artists and performers, ranging from fire dancing to live mural painting and much more. To foods like an authentic Cajun boil, to Mediterranean features, to smoked prime briskets from a local organic beef farmer. Upcoming musical guests include Marsupial Creampie, Andy Dalton, Matt Bessey, along with an ensemble burlesque show concluding the season.

FFM Partners with the Frankenmuth Arts Council

The Frankenmuth Farmers Market is honored to be joined by our friends at the Frankenmuth Arts Council in the production of our Friday Night Art Experience - "Market After Dark" events.


This partnership with the well-established, local FAC organization brings many years of experience and artistic connection to the Friday night events that FFM is very excited to bolster and be a part of. By working together, the FFM and FAC organizations can bring top-quality, full-sensory experiences of extraordinary scope and scale to Friday night market goers. As integral partners, the FAC will be assisting FFM in recruiting and showcasing the best in local artistic talent and skill. In turn, the FAC expects to use the nighttime market platform to grow and strengthen it's own membership base by sharing the great opportunities of FAC member involvement in service to its mission to "promote and encourage the appreciation, development, and education art in all its diverse forms."

Painting Brushes


Do you have beautiful things to share with our friends and neighbors? Do you like to create and craft? Are you a cultural food expert or regional chef interested in sharing your dishes with those that appreciate something new, different, or unique? Apply to join our Market After Dark and we'll help you bring your creativity to FFM.

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