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The History of Wood-Fired Ovens

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

FUN FACT: Bread as we know it was created by accident somewhere between 5,000 - 6,000 years ago when leavened bread was set aside and it naturally fermented and rose.

At that time, wood-fired ovens were quite different from the ones we know today. A clay pot was placed upside down over a bed of hot coals. Once it warmed up, the dough was placed inside to bake. Over time, it became the wood-fired ovens we’re familiar with today, like the ones at the Frankenmuth Farmers Market.

The pancake bread base of pizza was developed in the 16th century in Naples (so thankful for that delicious crust) out of a necessity to feed their people (not so thankful for that). It wasn’t until two centuries later that individuals began eating tomatoes and pizza was created.

In the 20th century, traditional pizza followed Italian immigrants oversee, and the first American Pizzeria was opened in “Little Italy” in Manhattan.

It would be quite some time before pizza cooking transitioned to conventional electric ovens like we see now. However, some pizzerias have continued the tradition of wood-fired ovens - Frankenmuth Farmers Market being one (and the only in Frankenmuth) in our region.

What makes a wood-fired oven pizza so different, you ask?

When cooking with this method, the baker slides your pizza into open flames and an open-doored oven, where it is left to bake in high heat very quickly. This high heat, intense cooking method is what creates the crispy crust you love and brings out all the right flavors.

We’d love if you tried a wood-fired pizza or dish from us - they’re available to order every Wednesday! Stay up to date on each week’s offerings by visiting our online store and following us on Facebook.


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