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Let's Be Friends

Being friends with the Frankenmuth Farmers Market is kind of like visiting a friend that always has a delicious meal for you to enjoy. It's a friend you keep forever.


For just $8 a month, FFM is going to grow the Frankenmuth Farmers Markets in a BIG way. Contributions from our “Friends” will sponsor programs that directly support the growth of grower, food producer, and artisan programs at the Market. The low-cost monthly commitment made by our friends will mean amazing things for our vendors and for the Frankenmuth Farmers Market! The funding of the FOM program will bolster our foundational funding, increasing our opportunities to market and develop the best outdoor markets possible. Together, we will support and sustain your regional food chain, grow your local economy, and feed our families, neighbors, and friends!


Let's not forget you get a limited-edition t-shirt for joining the club too – and who doesn't love a soft tee?

If you're ready to be friends, tap the button below or keep scrolling to learn more about the program.

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Discounts, Offers, and Deals... Oh my!

As a Friend of the Market, you will find frequent offers and deals in your inbox. Exclusive products, discounts to tickets, and early registration to the events and dinners you have come to love from the Frankenmuth Farmers Market.


We can’t say exactly what specials we have in store but can give you a hint – it will be fresh and only available to friends like you!

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Limited Edition T-Shirt


It’s the Frankenmuth Farmers Market version of the Members Only Jacket – but way fresher! It’s the 100% Organic, American Grown and Sewn, Cotton FFM T-Shirt.


Sporting artwork custom designed by artist, Jacquelyn Leary and printed by our friends at Grasel Graphics of Frankenmuth. Our new tee is sure to put the swag in your swagger, some hitch in your giddy-up, or some pep in your step!

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Exclusive Access

Be in the know before the know even knows. (If you know, you know.)

Get ALL THE DEALS before your non-recycling, no composting, still-eating-processed-cheese, doesn’t-know-a-fruit-from-a-vegetable neighbor does and sign up now.


Seriously,  sign up and we’ll give you a carrot!

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