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"If every family in Michigan spent $10 per week at a farmers market it would

keep $40 million in our state."

--Michigan Commission on Agriculture

Farmers markets give communities across the country

access to fresh, healthy foods.

--Anne L. Alonzo, Agricultural Marketing Services Administrator, USDA

Frankenmuth Farmers Market:

Something for Everyone

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Covered Vendor Pavilion

This open air pavilion with 28+ vendor spaces and an adjacent event court yard.

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Gathering Barn

A social space for relaxing at the Market and is home for education classes and special events.

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Farm Store

A unique farming and gardening product store that carries locally made items and is open through the week.
Hours: Closed During COVID

Artisans Kitchen

A rentable state of the art certified kitchen for product production and development.

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Live Webcam

See a live video feed of the market.

See it now!

The Market is a gathering place for the community, neighbors and tourists alike. Catch a glimpse of the action here.

More to come...

About Us

Mission Statement

To create the exchange of local products and information between growers, producers, and consumers by: Supplying fresh local products and goods, educating growers, producers and consumers, keeping our rural heritage alive, inspiring community, and achieving sustainable growth.


Started in 2005 and growing ever since, the Frankenmuth Farmers Market is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, multi-faceted organization. The Frankenmuth Farmers Market is an equal opportunity provider.

Why Fresh?

We strive to enable everyone to leave the market enriched through wealth, knowledge, satisfaction and enjoyment that you would not have otherwise gained.


The FFM is a co-founding member of the Michigan Farmers Market Association. We encourage you to join MIFMA as a member and help move farmers markets forward in Michigan!


The FFM welcomes all volunteers. Fill out THIS FORM to help with things like farm store register, info booth, social media, set up, tear down, cleaning, yardwork, newsletter writing, and more.

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Debit, Credit, SNAP Benefiits and Double Up Food Bucks.

We love the Market for the fresh, local food and knowing who the farmers are. Fresh food is the best!"

Steve and Cathy Kueffner locals

2020 Market Hours:
Saturdays: May 16 - Oct 27, 8am-2pm
Wednesdays: Jun 13 - Aug 26, 3pm-6pm
Farm Store Hours:
Closed during COVID

534 North Main Street
Frankenmuth, MI 48734