Al Dente Pasta Co. Pastas in a variety of flavors: 


$5.00 each: 

Spinach Fettuccine, Garlic Herb Pappardelle, Spinach Farfalletti


$5.50 each: 

Pure & Simple Lentil, Red Lentil Sweet Potato (both GF & V) 


$6.00 each: 

Carba-Nada Basil Fettuccine, Squid Ink Fettuccine, Wild Mushroom Fettuccine

Al Dente Pasta


Since 1981, Al Dente Pasta has become famous for its fresh taste and 3 minute cooking time! Made fresh right outside of Ann Arbor, you'll be delighted with any of these fine pastas!  (There are even GF & low carb options available!!)