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Butter Me Up: The Many Butters of the Market

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

We could sit here and try to tell you the health benefits of butter, something like it’s rich in nutrients and compound butters, but let’s be real...that’s not why either of us are here. Or if you are, sorry this won’t be the read for you.

It’s the creamy, delicious, calorie-filled wonderfulness that is butter that does it for us. So much so that we thought “hey, why the heck don’t we start making some?”

But not your average everyday butter. Nothing but pure perfection full of flavor here. If you just want something traditional for your toast, support your local small mom n’ pop for that. But if you’re looking for something to ignite joy in your taste buds, well, we may have just that.

We’ve got honey and brown chocolate butter a-plenty,

Maple sriracha for your taste buds galore,

You want basil parmesan?

We’ve got too many.

But no wait?

No big deal.

There’s even more.

That’s right, there’s even more. Add garlic herb butter, chocolate butter and a side of butter crust rolls to the list too. That is, if you go with a flight of butters. Because who needs wine for girls nights anymore, when you can bring butter.

Honey Butter – $6.00, 6 oz.

This butter is kissed by hints of local honey and just amazing on dinner rolls or Butter Crust 7-Grain Ukrainian loaf!

Brown Butter – $6.00, 6 oz.

Looking for something a little more basic? This butter’s the one for you. Brown butter is traditional butter but we melt it down to bring out more aromas and flavors. And like always is the perfect topping to any type of Butter Crust bread.

Maple Sriracha Butter – $6.00, 6 oz.

Some of you may be a little spicy, and we like that about you. And if you’re interested in our butters then there’s obviously some sweetness in you too. So no big deal, but we made this one inspired by you. Made with 81 Maple syrup and sriracha, this sweet & spicy butter is amazing on chicken, pancakes, waffles, and more!

Basil Parmesan Butter $6.00, 6 oz.

Looking to add some new flavors to those steaks, chicken breasts or veggies? This is the butter for you! Our basil parmesan butter is made with Leafy Solutions Basil and fresh Parmesan, the perfect compliment to your grilled meats, vegetables or seafood!

Garlic Herb Butter – $6.00, 6 oz.

We’re not drooling, you’re drooling. Just kidding, we are too! This garlic and herb butter is made by the Market with fresh herbs! And it’s to die for on any savory bread, however, we LOVE it on a Butter Crust Pumpernickel Rye!

Chocolate Butter – $6.00, 6 oz.

As stated before we’re pretty positive the wine in girls night should be replaced with butter. Or let the other girls bring the wine, you bring the perfect pairing, chocolate...chocolate butter that is. Use this sweet spread on waffles, toast, banana bread and more! By “more” we recommend an occasional taste by the spoonful.

Market Made Butter Flights - $15.00

Can't choose which amazing Market Made Butter you should try? With this new sampler, you don't have to choose! You will get 1.5 oz of each of our amazing butters*.

Butter flavors include: Honey, Garlic Herb, Brown, Chocolate, Maple Sriracha and Basil Parmesan.

Included with your Butter Flight - freshly baked Tea Rolls from Butter Crust Bakery!

For those of you familiar with our Market Made Butters, we have a second option for $10.00 to only try our new flavors: Chocolate, Maple Sriracha & Basil Parmesan.

No matter which way your palette leans, we've got a flavor that's right for you! Make sure to check our store each week to find something new to take home.

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